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The car suddenly breaks down and the bill is quite high … it can just happen. You have no money to pay this bill immediately. The first thing you think is where can I borrow 1000 euros? If you have asked all your acquaintances and they cannot help you, you can always request a mini loan. Borrowing 1000 euros with a mini loan is arranged within 24 hours at low costs and flexible conditions.

Our cash advance loans direct lenders only are here to help

1000 euros is a decent amount and yet you can borrow 1000 euros through a cash advance loan direct lender. You can view Green Touch site and apply for the cash advance loans direct lenders online. If this has approved your application, you can have all the money in your account within 24 hours. You must have submitted the application on working days. With a subsequent request for this loan, you can take out the loan by sending a simple SMS.

Borrow 1000 euros without BKR

Even if you have a negative BKR code behind your name, it is still possible to borrow 1000 euros. You must, however, bear in mind that the lender charges you a higher interest rate in this case. It is also possible that the conditions for borrowing have been adjusted somewhat. You should therefore always carefully read the offer from the lender before you send it back. Borrowing money without BKR is only possible with the mini loan with other loan forms, in this case, you will almost never be eligible to borrow money.

Borrow 1000 euros without a payslip

Borrowing 1000 euros without a payslip means that you want to borrow money without having a fixed income. Or if you receive a benefit. For many people this option is not available because you must receive a minimum of 1000 euros per month income. If you receive a social assistance benefit it will therefore not be possible to apply for a mini-loan. Borrowing money without a payslip does mean that you must carefully consider in advance that you can repay the money on time. If you do not return the borrowed money at the end of the term, the mini-loan provider will give you a fine.


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