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The car suddenly breaks down and the bill is quite high … it can just happen. You have no money to pay this bill immediately. The first thing you think is where can I borrow 1000 euros? If you have asked all your acquaintances and they cannot help you, you can always request a mini […]

Change mortgage loan insurance in the course of repayment

Change credit insurance in the course of loan is possible. Changing credit insurance can not be done without the agreement of your banker! The borrower has the possibility to cancel annually an individual contract proposed to a lending institution (bank, credit institution) by referring to the general conditions of his borrowing insurance contract. The easiest […]

Affiliation Insurance Loan! Offer your clients the best credit insurance

Submit loan insurance offers  Submit loan insurance offers to your customers and partners! If you pursue your professional activity in the field of finance or real estate, you can take advantage of powerful tools made available to you by the brokerage firm Assurance De Prêt Pas Cher, a specialist in credit insurance for more than […]

Loan simulation online with the specialized broker

Why perform a loan simulation? By performing a loan simulation you will benefit from accurate information about the proposed purchase of your future property. The loan simulation will provide you with a detailed overview of the rates offered by the financial institutions. The value of the rate of a credit being the paramount factor defining […]